Energy: Renewables-Fossil Fuel

Energy Sector Services: The energy industry presents varied and significant challenges from project evaluation, land lease acquisition, and assessment of environmental character. We excel at designing to avoid or minimize impacts, achieve permit acquisition, supporting the land/legal team to enable financing, addressing landowner concerns and actual project construction.  These projects are broad in scope and require technical savvy, creativity and diligence to bring each one to fruition.  

Somerset Engineering has experience in energy site development.   From inception to construction Somerset Engineering has assisted renewable energy production companies with:

•    Environmental Studies
•    Aerial Mapping
•    Permitting – Regulatory Compliance
•    Land Lease Acquisition
•    NPDES Design/Permitting 
•    ALTA Surveys
•    Geotechnical Investigation
•    Department of Transportation Permitting and Coordination 
•    Site and Road Design 
•    Construction Testing, Stakeout & Support

Somerset Engineering has provided services to the Energy Sector in PA, OH, MD,WV, MT, KS, and TX