Services and Solutions

Whether we are working on a project for a land owner, an industrial company or municipal water authority, our simple and direct approach to engineering provides our clients with real innovation, insight and value. We provide engineering, surveying, project management, and scientific services to a diverse spectrum of public and private clients.

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is always changing and evolving, requiring talent and capabilities to guide clients through the maze of regulatory and design issues they face in today’s increasingly complex business landscape. Successful projects don’t just happen, they result from the efforts of skilled professionals that are capable of dealing with both the global issues and the most minute details simultaneously to create affordable, real solutions that positively impact the bottom line. 


Somerset Engineering has the experience and proven track record that you can depend on to deliver practical and affordable solutions.

  • Hydrology & Hydraulics

  • Stormwater Planning & Management

  • Geotechnical Investigation

  • Regulatory Compliance & Permitting

  • Services for Governments, Land Developers, Energy Producers

  • Land Development

Municipal Engineering

As the engineering company for both small and large municipalities we work closely with the operating staff to ensure the viability of their potable water, sanitary sewers and storm-water systems. These services are vital to every community and each individual within those communities. The creation, maintenance and operation of water and sewer systems is regulated by volumes of local, state and federal regulations. We specialize in the technical solutions that are required to meet today’s regulations and the financial requirements as well. 

We have a proven track record of success with regard to both permit compliance and obtaining financial aid in support of our clients’ municipal projects.

• Water Treatment Systems

• Water Supply

• Sanitary Sewer Systems

• Stormwater Planning

• Contract & Grant Administration

• Permitting & Regulatory Compliance

Que lake storage tank pump house aerial