Project Funding Assistannce

Grants are Available to Improve Your Municipal Water & Sewer System

Construction, improvement, expansion, repair, or rehabilitation of a water supply system or sanitary sewer system and more...


  • Installation of security measures.

  • Acquisition of land, rights-of-way and easements necessary to construct an eligible project. 

  • Purchase and installation of fixed equipment.

  • Engineering and design costs not to exceed 10% of the grant amount.

  • Inspection costs related to the construction of an eligible project.

  • Permit Fees.

  • Costs to secure appropriate bonds and insurance.

  •  Administrative costs of the applicant that are necessary to administer the grants


Somerset can help you with the application process

Note: Grants and loans are available but limited, and criteria varies. Application results are not guaranteed. Learn more about the money available for improvements and expansions.

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