Land & Site Development Services

Site Development and Land Use: Highly Regulated Areas of Responsibility.

Responsible land development balances the need to complete meaningful, 

economically feasible projects while balancing the environmental, regulatory and social impacts. Our understanding and skill with this important balancing has been learned and developed through years of direct experience.

Land development is enormously diverse and Somerset has the experience required:

  • Residential Development

  • Land use for alternate Energy Projects

  • Recreational Uses

  • Construction of Municipal Infrastructure

  • Commercial and industrial Applications.


Land use is constantly changing and evolving and developers must minimize project impacts.

Somerset Engineering has the proven track record to successfully meet these challenges for projects across the land development spectrum. Our success is founded in our team philosophy, multi-disciplinary expertise and unrelenting client advocacy. 

  • Environmental Assessment

  • Permitting Expertise

  • Project Design

  • Budget Preparation and Management

  • Project Execution

Surveying and mapping

We offer a full compliment of professional surveying services utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and training to ensure accurate and dependable site and topographic surveys in support of real estate transactions, civil engineering designs, municipal planning and land development projects. We also support large-scale aerial mapping.

• Property Surveys
• Topographic Surveys
• ALTA Surveys
• Aerial Photogrammetry

•Construction Support & Site Stake-out