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LPG Storage

Somerset Engineering provides planning, permitting, design, and construction expertise to Bulk Aboveground and Underground LPG storage applications. 

What we can do for you

It starts with an idea, and we are here to listen. Our team at Somerset Engineering will work to ensure you not only get what you want out of your project, but more importantly, what you need from your project.

With customer input, the team at Somerset Engineering will specify and provide all necessary equipment. Equipment can include pumps, meters, tanks, monitoring devices, panels, piping, building material, and more.

Our team specializes in the permitting process. You will often hear us say, “Your project is our project” and our comprehensive approach to permitting exemplifies the importance of compliant operation, both current and future.

Through consulting or construction, Somerset Engineering will work with clients to see that their site is ready to accept selected equipment.

Somerset Engineering affirms your tank installation will meet all local and state codes.

Through a thorough startup process, Somerset Engineering guarantees that our customers will be confident in not only the performance of their newly installed system, but also in their knowledge of its processes.

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